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ESHQ-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4005-v2 Safety Procedures James Niehoff Safety & IH
11 Mar 2019
4953-v1 Waste Generator Guidelines Amy L. Pavnica Environmental
Waste Management
ESH Tools
21 Feb 2019
4730-v1 Emergency Drill Division Contact and Communication Page Eric McHugh Emergency Management
Local Emergency Plans
Emergency Preparedness Exercises
Local Drill Information
Emergency Management
30 Oct 2018
3816-v7 FESHM 7010, Exhibit A SURF Non-Leased Space James Niehoff FESHM
27 Sep 2018
3813-v7 FESHM 7010, Exhibit A SURF Leased Space James Niehoff FESHM
27 Sep 2018
1889-v16 FESHM Chapter 7010 Form: Exhibit A - For Construction James Niehoff FESHM
24 Sep 2018
4573-v0 RPS Procedure 001 APPROVED ACCELERATOR BEAM INTENSITY OPERATING LIMITS Matt Quinn Radiation Protection
Radiation Protection
Radiation Safety Assessments
05 Sep 2018
2700-v2 Fermilab Class 3b/4 Laser Registration Procedure Matt Quinn Lasers
12 Mar 2018
786-v24 Emergency Preparedness Drill Critique Forms David Esterquest Senior Safety Officer Subcommittee
Local Drill Information
07 Feb 2018
1738-v13 FESHM Chapter 7020 Form: Exhibit A - For Service James Niehoff FESHM
28 Dec 2017
3936-v1 FESHM 7020 Exhibit A SURF Non-Leased Space Services James Niehoff FESHM
28 Dec 2017
3933-v1 FESHM 7020 Form - Exhibit A SURF Leased Space Services James Niehoff FESHM
28 Dec 2017
3855-v1 ESHQ-TR-10 How to setup a class in TRAIN Procedure Joel Kofron Training Procedures
16 Nov 2017
3238-v3 Aerosol Can Disposal Dave Hockin Chemical Waste
02 Nov 2017
2598-v10 iTrack Data Entry User Guide TJ Sarlina et al. Quality Assurance
26 Sep 2017
2528-v2 Laser SOP Template Matt Quinn Lasers
10 May 2017
3192-v2 Procedure for requesting a class setup in TRAIN Nicole Gee TRAIN
15 Dec 2016
3257-v1 Lectora Course Development Procedure Nicole Gee Training Procedures
08 Jun 2016
3256-v1 Publishing a Lectora Title Nicole Gee Training Procedures
08 Jun 2016
3191-v1 FESHM Chapter 4160 Form: Annual Inspection of Plumbed Eye Wash and Safety Showers Rich Rebstock FESHM
Industrial Hygiene
15 Feb 2016
2819-v1 Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Program - OBSOLETE TJ Sarlina et al. Quality Assurance
08 Feb 2016
3174-v1 Confined Space Implementation Plans Rob Bushek Safety
Industrial Hygiene
05 Jan 2016
3142-v4 Outside vendor training procedures Evelyn Aponte ESH&Q Section (Includes Admin)
03 Dec 2015
785-v7 ***Local Drill Program Appendix to FNAL Emergency Plan*** This is not a current document! Bill James Local Drill Information
17 Jul 2014
2162-v1 Office Ergonomics Exercises Rafael Coll Ergonomics Subcommittee
29 May 2014
1355-v1 Fermilab Corrective & Preventive Action Plan (CAP) for ES&H Radiation Protection Group John B. Dawson ESH Management
Quality Assurance and Assessments
Quality Assurance
23 Apr 2014
913-v3 LIFETIME OPERATING PERMIT - NESHAP and NSPS SOURCE - ISSUED 4/24/12 Amber Kenney Permits (includes NESHAPS)
Business Services Section
Computing Division
Accelerator Division
Facility Engineering Services Section
Particle Physics Division
14 Sep 2012
1344-v2 Subcontractor and GERT Training Documentation Martha Michels Procedures
ESH&Q Section (Includes Admin)
16 May 2012
1100-v1 TRAIN Data Entry Procedure Joel Kofron TRAIN
05 May 2010

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