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ESHQ-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1058-v2 RP Notes Don Cossairt Radiation Protection
10 Aug 2010
2313-v17 Fermilab's Prescription Safety Eyewear Program Cindy Rogers FESHM
13 May 2019
5091-v1 Pressure Vessel and Pressure Relief Device Database User Guides Kathy Vuletich Safety & IH
18 Apr 2019
4139-v6 Fermilab Beryllium Inventory Rich Ruthe Industrial Hygiene
12 Dec 2018
871-v7 Electrical Safety Subcommittee Determinations Rafael Coll et al. Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety Subcommittee
Worker Safety Technical Notes
21 Mar 2019
754-v3 ICPA Wastewater Pretreatment Permit Eric Korzeniowski APS-TD
Permits (includes NESHAPS)
07 Mar 2019
1543-v124 ESH&Q Section Org Chart Martha Michels ESH Management
06 Mar 2019
2469-v11 QAM 12002 - Fermilab Quality Assurance Program FINAL Jemila Adetunji et al. QAM (Quality Assurance Manual)
Quality Assurance Subcommittee
Quality Assurance
25 Feb 2019
1097-v7 FESHM 5031.6 - Dressed Niobium SRF Cavity Pressure Safety - FINAL William M. Soyars Cryogenic Safety Subcommittee
22 Feb 2019
3040-v2 Annual Hazardous Waste Reports to IEPA Dave Hockin Waste Management
21 Feb 2019
4945-v1 ESH Concerns Poster Angela Aparicio ESH Management
15 Feb 2019
1852-v18 Fermilab Radiological Control Organizational Chart Don Cossairt et al. Radiation Protection
01 Feb 2019
4927-v1 RCRA CUB Pipe and Clay Tile Field (SWMU 12) Semi-annual Groundwater Monitoring Report to Illinois EPA Chris Greer Environmental
Permits (includes NESHAPS)
01 Feb 2019
2118-v1 Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Dave Hockin et al. Community Right to Know
TRI (313)
29 Jan 2019
4873-v1 2018 Earth Day Fair Links Bridget Iverson Environmental
ES&H Events
25 Jan 2019
3382-v2 Fermilab Site Wide Air Emissions Inventory Teri Dykhuis Guidance
16 Jan 2019
3302-v5 Ergo Lab Flyer Jonny Staffa Ergonomics
15 Jan 2019
3048-v11 ESH&Q Frequently Asked Questions David Baird ESH&Q Administration
ESH Tools
14 Jan 2019
1664-v4 Personnel Responsibilities Regarding Emergencies, Injuries/Illness and Working Alone Nancy Grossman et al. ESH Management
ESH&Q Section (Includes Admin)
Procedures (Adm)
14 Jan 2019
3158-v20 ESH&Q Contact Table Anna Campbell ESH Management
ESH&Q Administration
11 Jan 2019
09 Jan 2019
4722-v5 Tech Shop POCs Jon Ylinen Industrial Safety
Reference Material
02 Jan 2019
4787-v1 OPEX Employee fall from aerial lift with faulty deck extension lock mechanism Eric McHugh Lessons Learned
20 Nov 2018
4736-v1 Available fall protection equipment Dave Cathey Industrial Safety
Safety & IH
07 Nov 2018
4724-v3 Permanent Satellite Accumulation Area Amy L. Pavnica Environmental
Waste Management
05 Nov 2018
1731-v74 ES&H Section Employee Information Suzanne M Weber ESH&Q Administration
01 Nov 2018
3846-v4 RSO & DSO Coverage & Contact Information John Anderson et al. Radiation Protection
ESH&Q Section (Includes Admin)
15 Oct 2018
103-v1 NPDES Permit IL0026123 Katie Swanson Permits (includes NESHAPS)
23 May 2011
1816-v44 Flu Shot Information Kelly Dombrowski ESH&Q Administration
25 Sep 2018
3176-v3 10 CFR 851 Overview for Subcontractors James Niehoff Subcontractor Safety Subcommittee
ESH Tools
24 Sep 2018
3438-v2 Integrated Safety & Envirnment Management System (ISEMS) Pamphlet James Niehoff Subcontractor
24 Sep 2018
4609-v1 NRTL requirements for electrical product and component purchases David Mertz Electrical Safety
13 Sep 2018
3217-v19 Silica Guidance Table James Niehoff Safety & IH
Industrial Hygiene
Occupational Injury/Illness
10 Sep 2018
4585-v0 ESH&Q Shielding Policies Matt Quinn Radiation Protection
10 Sep 2018
2778-v2 DRAFT - FESHM Chapter 8021 - Chemical and Radioactive Waste Management Dave Hockin et al. Drafts
06 Aug 2018
2824-v6 Emergency Response and Spill Remediation Contractor Dave Hockin Environmental
Waste Management
31 Jul 2018
1595-v3 TD village wastewater discharge permit Bridget Iverson APS-TD
Permits (includes NESHAPS)
10 Jul 2018
2749-v8 Fermilab Fire Department Staff Suzanne M Weber ESH&Q Administration
27 Jun 2018
2781-v6 Electrical Design Standards for Electronics to be used in Experimental Apparatus at Fermilab David Mertz et al. Fire Safety Technical Notes
Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety Subcommittee
24 May 2018
4299-v1 Stockroom Hearing Protection Devices (HPD) Jonny Staffa Safety & IH
18 May 2018
3551-v1 Environmental Technical Notes 31-40 Dave Hockin et al. Environmental Technical Notes
Radiation Protection
EP Notes
17 Apr 2018
4181-v1 Environmental Protection Note 33 Eric Korzeniowski EP Notes
12 Apr 2018
3372-v6 SURF Governance Matrix Martha Michels ESH Management
30 Mar 2018
4058-v1 ESH, QA, EM management system flow down summary to leased space at SURF Martha Michels Environmental
Safety & IH
Contractor Assurance
Emergency Management
Quality Assurance
21 Mar 2018
3270-v5 Operational Readiness Clearance (ORC) Guidance Documents Angela Aparicio et al. Experiments
Electrical Safety
Fire Safety
23 Feb 2018
3197-v3 Division Safety Officers Anna Campbell ESH Management
25 Jan 2018
1810-v3 Fermilab Environmental Monitoring Program Eric Mieland Environmental
23 Jan 2018
3954-v1 HWSF RCRA Part B Permit Dave Hockin Hazardous Waste
Permits (includes NESHAPS)
08 Jan 2018
3536-v1 SURF ESH Organization Martha Michels ESH Management
28 Dec 2017
2476-v3 HCTT Chemical Clear Out Program Dave Hockin et al. Environmental
Waste Management
Environmental Protection Subcommittee
18 Dec 2017
1788-v15 ISO/OHSAS Compliance Crosswalks to FNAL Policy Martha Michels et al. ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
08 Dec 2017
2167-v2 Environmental Technical Notes 21-30 Don Cossairt EP Notes
04 Dec 2017
1400-v4 Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan for NPDES Permit Katie Swanson Permits (includes NESHAPS)
25 Jun 2014
3822-v1 A2D2 Beam-On Study Results Michael Vincent Radiation Protection
06 Nov 2017
3238-v3 Aerosol Can Disposal Dave Hockin Chemical Waste
02 Nov 2017
3177-v2 Battery Recycling Guidance Dave Hockin Procedures (Env)
Environmental Protection
31 Oct 2017
3799-v1 Power Cord & Power Strip Safety David Mertz Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety Subcommittee
26 Oct 2017
3796-v1 Occurrence Reporting Causal Analysis Guide David Baird Incident Investigation and Analysis
26 Oct 2017
3009-v10 iTrack General User Guide Kathy Vuletich Quality Assurance
26 Sep 2017
3644-v1 2017 Fermilab Preserve America Report Teri Dykhuis Cultural Resources
21 Aug 2017
1887-v1 Work Smart Standards Nancy Grossman ESH Management
Work Smart Set
19 Jul 2017
3584-v1 Results of Various MARS Studies for the P3 to Switchyard Absorber Beamline Michael Vincent Radiation Protection
10 Jul 2017
3218-v4 Checklist of Required ES&H Submittals James Niehoff Construction
02 Jun 2017
3077-v6 Lectora License Numbers Nicole Gee ESH&Q Section (Includes Admin)
ESH&Q Administration
23 May 2017
3447-v1 DOE Job Safety & Health Poster James Niehoff Subcontractor
03 Apr 2017
3432-v2 ESHQ Locations David Baird ESH Management
30 Mar 2017
2359-v61 NEPA Reviews, Projects, and Cultural Resources Status Update Teri Dykhuis NEPA
Environmental Protection Subcommittee
23 Mar 2017
3388-v1 Fire Department Shift Responsibilities Charles E. Kuhn Fire Department
21 Feb 2017
260-v4 Residential Recycling Guide Jose De la O Waste Minimization
Environmental Protection
14 Feb 2017
3362-v1 Beryllium Package David Baird Medical
02 Feb 2017
928-v4 ESH&Q Section Strategic Planning Martha Michels ESH Management
24 Jan 2017
3312-v1 Accelerator Readiness Review Resources John Anderson Accelerator Safety Program
06 Oct 2016
3284-v1 NuMI MI-65 Target Hall - Personnel Decontamination 8/11/2016 Tony Busch Accelerator Division
12 Aug 2016
3264-v1 Updating a Lectora Title Nicole Gee Training Procedures
23 Jun 2016
3260-v1 Fermilab Tornado Shelter Information David Esterquest Emergency Management
13 Jun 2016
3255-v1 Lectora Title Informaiton Sheet Nicole Gee Training Procedures
08 Jun 2016
3245-v1 Fermilab Emergency Warning System (SEWS) David Esterquest Emergency Management
13 May 2016
1007-v9 Fermilab TM 1834 Public Version Don Cossairt RP Notes
28 Apr 2016
3209-v1 Patient Rights Kelly Dombrowski Medical
17 Mar 2016
3203-v1 ESH&Q Web-based Training Planning Guide Nicole Gee Lectora
09 Mar 2016
2820-v2 SQA Program Appendices A-E Kathy Vuletich Quality Assurance
08 Feb 2016
3186-v1 Space Heater Recall and Space Heater Safety The Other Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety Subcommittee
Lessons Learned
26 Jan 2016
3179-v1 Real ID Act Policy Martha Michels Security
21 Jan 2016
3094-v2 Reference Documents on Non-Occupational Ionizing Radiation Don Cossairt et al. Radiation Protection
20 Nov 2015
208-v37 ESH Organization at FNAL Martha Michels ESH Management
10 Oct 2014
3055-v2 ESH Evolution Martha Michels ESH Management
30 Apr 2015
2290-v5 Training FAQ's Joel Kofron TRAIN
05 Mar 2015
2872-v1 FY14 Waste Volumes to DOE Dave Hockin Waste Management
DOE Waste Management Programs
09 Oct 2014
2421-v29 FNAL Incident Timeline Jemila Adetunji et al. ESH Management
02 Jun 2014
2777-v1 A Visual Guide to Electrical Safety Supplies at Fermilab Stockroom David Mertz Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety Subcommittee
07 May 2014
1059-v2 Fermilab ES&H Handbook Joel Kofron Industrial Safety
Safety & IH
Reference Material
30 Apr 2014
2717-v1 Archaeological and Architectural Assessment of Historic Properties within the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia Township, Kane County and Winfield Township, DuPage County, IL Teri Dykhuis Environmental Protection Subcommittee
26 Feb 2014
119-v46 **DO NOT USE** ESH&Q Section Org. Chart - HISTORICAL ONLY - USE 1543 Martha Michels ESH Management
14 Jan 2014
2623-v3 Fan motor overheats Angela Aparicio Lessons Learned
05 Nov 2013
2616-v1 Alarm Sounds Angela Aparicio Emergency Management
ESH Tools
31 Oct 2013
1453-v4 What Can TRAIN Do for YOU? Amber Kenney Division/Section
28 Oct 2013
2075-v1 Laser Safety Document David Baird Lasers
23 Sep 2013
2441-v1 US Forest Service Gypsy Moth Mating Disruptor Aerial Application 2013 - NEPA Review Amber Kenney Fermi Site Office
Aviation Safety
29 May 2013
2369-v1 FNAL Hazard Analysis Database Point-of-Contact David Baird Safety & IH
27 Feb 2013
2298-v1 TRAIN Data Entry Procedures Joel Kofron TRAIN
20 Dec 2012
2171-v1 HPI Worksheet Martha Michels HPI
05 Sep 2012
1985-v1 FESS Village Gas Utilitiy Breach Photos Mike Bonkalski Subcontractor Safety Subcommittee
Facility Engineering Services Section
Lessons Learned
01 Feb 2012
2165-v1 Environmental Technical Notes 1-10 Don Cossairt EP Notes
16 Aug 2012
2166-v1 Environmental Technical Notes 11-20 Don Cossairt EP Notes
16 Aug 2012
1608-v1 Performance Modes (HPI) Other Non Fermilab ESH Management
13 Aug 2012
2021-v1 HPI Information from Shane Bush Martha Michels ESH Management
13 Aug 2012
2051-v1 Industrial bridge crane interference with newly installed air handling unit Eric McHugh Subcontractor Safety Subcommittee
Incident Investigation and Analysis
Lessons Learned
Particle Physics Division
03 May 2012
2034-v1 DOE Directives that Invoke Technical Standards as Requirements The Other ESH Management
DOE Assessments
ESH&Q Administration
14 Apr 2012
1878-v1 Smoke Detectors Eric Mieland Waste Minimization
02 Nov 2011
1490-v2 Electrical Safety Subcommittee NFPA 70E Guidance Documents John Anderson Electrical Safety
Electrical Safety Subcommittee
31 Aug 2011
1607-v1 Error Precursors (Short List) Other Non Fermilab ESH Management
13 Feb 2011
1603-v1 Final Report on Leading Indicators of Human Performance Other Non Fermilab ESH Management
13 Feb 2011
838-v3 How to ITNA Amber Kenney ESH Management
15 Oct 2010

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